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Testing libraries is important – who knew?!

Four years and a half ago, I was working on a pet game project which used XML format as intermediate storage format. Initially we used TinyXML, but I got tired of its interface and horrible parsing performance, and found pugxml. … Continue reading

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There’s more than one way to map a cat

There are lots of data structures out there, ranging from primitive to so sophisticated that only a single person in the world understands them (these are, of course, mostly useless). The choice of the data structure is mostly specific to … Continue reading

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View frustum culling optimization – Balancing the pipes

View Frustum Culling series contents: Introduction Vectorize me Structures and arrays Never let me branch Representation matters Balancing the pipes Last time (I don’t blame you if you forgot, that was a year and a half ago) I described the … Continue reading

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Reset and reload

Long time no see, everyone. First of all, the blog has been moved. The new blog address is, and the new feed address is Please, update your bookmarks! In addition to changing the address, I’ve changed the blogging … Continue reading

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