I’m Arseny Kapoulkine (some people know me by the nickname Zeux), and this is my personal blog. All posts here have something to do with technology, though, despite the name of the blog, they’re not always related to computer graphics or even game development.

I’m a technical director at ROBLOX. Previously I worked as a rendering engineer at Sperasoft, Inc. on FIFA 13 and FIFA Street titles, as a PS3 programmer at Saber Interactive and as a lead engine developer at CREAT Studios; during my career I’ve helped ship many titles, which you can see at the Projects page, along with some screenshots and brief information about my contribution to them.

On my free time, when I’m not living my real life, I develop and support the pugixml library, which is a light-weight C++ XML processing library with emphasis on performance.

You can contact me via e-mail: arseny.kapoulkine (at) gmail.com, via Skype: arseny.kapoulkine, or via ICQ: 727234.

I also have an occasionally updated twitter feed: @zeuxcg.


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