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Mesh optimization – Quantizing floats

Over the next few posts I’d like to write about optimizing mesh data for run-time performance (i.e. producing vertex/index buffers that accurately represent the source model and are as fast to render for GPU as possible). There are several important … Continue reading

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Exit code trivia

Whenever there is an automated process involved, such as asset/code building, unit testing, automatic version packaging, bulk log processing, etc., there often is a set of command-line tools which do their thing and return the result. Then there is a … Continue reading

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Optimizations that aren’t

We all like it when our code is fast. Some of us like the result, but dislike the process of optimization; others enjoy the process. However, optimization for the sake of optimization is wrong, unless you’re doing it in your … Continue reading

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Z7: Everything old is new again

Debug information is the data that allows the debugger to, uhm, debug your program. It consists of the information about all types used in the program, of source line information (what instruction originated from what source line), of variable binding … Continue reading

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#include <rules>

We’re stuck with C++, at least for another console generation. C++ has many quirks that I wish were not there, but there is no real alternative as of today. While modern languages tend to adopt the bulk compilation and/or smart … Continue reading

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Lua callstack with C++ debugger

Lua is a very popular scripting language in game development industry. Many games use Lua for various scripting needs (data representation, UI scripting, AI scripting), and some go as far as write the majority of the game in Lua. At … Continue reading

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Moving on

The day has come – I’ve left CREAT Studios and started working at Saber Interactive as a PS3 (well, that was obvious) programmer (well, that was obvious too). I worked at CREAT for three years and a half; I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading

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