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Mesh optimization – Quantizing floats

Over the next few posts I’d like to write about optimizing mesh data for run-time performance (i.e. producing vertex/index buffers that accurately represent the source model and are as fast to render for GPU as possible). There are several important … Continue reading

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Implementing Direct3D for fun and profit

I can’t believe I’m writing this, it’s been what, 2 months? During that time a lot of things happened – I’ve been to the conference and gave an hour-long talk about our SPU rendering stuff (which was more or less … Continue reading

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COLLADA: Best thing since sliced bread or not?

So, uh, the “post in a week” idea did not quite work. Sorry about that. About half a year ago, our team at work that develops the engine decided to try and switch from the proprietary Maya export plugin (it … Continue reading

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