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Z7: Everything old is new again

Debug information is the data that allows the debugger to, uhm, debug your program. It consists of the information about all types used in the program, of source line information (what instruction originated from what source line), of variable binding … Continue reading

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#include <rules>

We’re stuck with C++, at least for another console generation. C++ has many quirks that I wish were not there, but there is no real alternative as of today. While modern languages tend to adopt the bulk compilation and/or smart … Continue reading

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Quicksort killer sequence

Today I’m going to describe a not very practical but neat experiment, the result of which is a sequence that’s awfully slow to sort using Microsoft STL implementation; additionally, the method of generating such sequence naturally extends to any other … Continue reading

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Death by static initialization

The language war in game development is long over – and the winner is C++. The utmost majority of code that’s going to run on the users side (engine code and game code) is written in C++. This is mostly … Continue reading

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