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Optimizations that aren’t

We all like it when our code is fast. Some of us like the result, but dislike the process of optimization; others enjoy the process. However, optimization for the sake of optimization is wrong, unless you’re doing it in your … Continue reading

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COLLADA: quick update

Time’s running fast. Two weeks has passed since my post about COLLADA, and I’ve found a killer bug in FCollada TBN generation code. As 3dsmax native API does not provide support for returning TBN (I do not know about Maya, … Continue reading

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COLLADA: Best thing since sliced bread or not?

So, uh, the “post in a week” idea did not quite work. Sorry about that. About half a year ago, our team at work that develops the engine decided to try and switch from the proprietary Maya export plugin (it … Continue reading

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